DT-60 Decorative board for trophies

DT-60 Decorative board for trophies

Decorative board for trophies DТ-60 hand-carved for the trophy - the horn of a deer - manufacturer Acropolis (Ukraine). To get further advice, please contact our managers or request a return call.

Decorative model with hand carving for the trophy of deer antler. Hard, the stationary fastening of the trophy. Multilayer varnishing of wood.

Technical characteristics of decorative board for trophies DT-60 handmade for trophy of horn of deer

Material: Wood, woodcarving (linden/alder), metal hangers.


Length: 76 centimeters

Width: 34 centimeters

Height: 3.5 centimeters

Dimensions of working area:

Length: 42 centimeters

Width: 21 centimeters

Height: 3.5 centimeters