Istanbul, in addition to being attractive to tourists, is also a perfect city for exhibitions.

During May 10-13, 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey will take place the Istanbul Prohunt, an exhibition of hunting arms and outdoor activities. This year it will be held for the 7th time and the company Acropolis will participate in this event to introduce its products.

We think everyone involved in hunting and military business sectors knows the exhibition IWA OutdoorClassics.
This year Acropolis took part in Jagd und Hund in Dortmund - Europe's largest hunting exhibition. That was the first time for us to be a participant there
and we have had a great experience. Exhausted but happy. Thank you to everyone who dropped by!

Acropolis has recently sponsored the Association of German sports shooters 1975 e.V.  We are glad to be the part of and to join the championship, held by the Association, in this way.


Representatives of the company Añropolis from 9 to 12 May 2017 visited the leading international exhibitions Techtextil and Texprocess, which run parallel in the exhibition centre Messe Frankfurt, in the city of Frankfurt am Main (Germany).




At the same time, we are gradually trying to restore all directions of our production.

Step by step and simultaneously we are trying to restore all directions of our production.

One of the important lines is manufacturing of accessories for photo and video equipment. Without any doubts, that are our partners thanks to whom our company recovery is speeding-up.


After we have started our production on 17th of January, now at the beginning of February we inform about the presence of a warehouse of finished products. It is a big achievement for us as starting from the 1st of February we have begun our business and namely, delivering our products on numeruous clients' requests.

В связи с форс-мажорными обстоятельствами работа компании временно приостановлена.

On January, 3rd in the territory of Finance and leasing company "Electron-Leasing" there was a fire. Fire destroyed the rented warehouse and industrial premises of Acropolis Company. Equipment, raw materials, finished products were destroyed on the area of approx.2500 sq.m. Company employees were not injured.