Acropolis - Hunting and fishing accessories

Acropolis is manufacturer number one of equipment for hunters and anglers in Eastern Europe. Long-term experience and qualified employees can make the best results with optimum price of the goods

Having learnt about the products of Acropolis Trademark, you will understand that the people, developing and producing it, have much proficiency and accuracy, and know exactly what they do. We offer you a collection of the unique coffers, cases, carrier bags for hunting and fishing. The wishes of the most demanding buyers are taken into consideration. Although the Acropolis products are manufactured according to the highest world quality standards, the prices remain acceptable to most customers. Using our accessories you will understand that you have made the right choice and got rid of many concerns about tackle and weapon.



At first we had doubts regarding the effective cooperation with company from Ukraine, but started working with Acropolis, we immediately estimated their high-level European approach to work, to their customers. Definitely good service, quality accomplishment of orders and good consulting support in all our questions.

And, very important is that even after an unexpected force majeure - huge fire in company's premises, the staff was able to produce the ordered items within a month. This helped us, in our turn, to fulfill our customer's orders in time and to receive the goods intended for exhibition planned.


Acropolis collaborated with UAB "ABSS LT" since 2014. During our partnership we could have ensured in reliability, professionalism and efficiency in resolving business questions


Acropolis Company has become the reliable partner for us. The products are of the highest quality and fully meet our customers' expectations


In my view Acropolis is a quality. The quality of everything - of material, tailoring and work approach. I like the people who work there. They are open minded, responsible, ready to solve any problem

Askari Sport GmbH

Acropolis Company is a reliable partner for us, which we can definitely rely on. Products from high quality materials make our customers happy.

GRUBE Poland

Great quality and durability of Acropolis products give our customers more pleasure to spend time outside, no matter of weather conditions. Great for hunters, foresters - just must have.